Do you have tips for a beginnner?

Have fun

Be patient

Do not forget that equipment helps for only 5% of your photo, the rest is experience, and mostly luck!

Go out and shoot with some friends it's important :
- we can compare ou visions of things
- there's always place for mutual aid
- it's very stimulating

Never let anyone discourage you

Read on photography, it's important. Besides, photography is a young art form, it would be a shame not to learn it from its beginning.

And don't believe everything I say :-)

How can I get better at photography?

In two words : be curious.

Intellectual curiosity confronts us to a lot of questions which leads to real revelations. If we are not curious, we will never get better.

It's easy to say, but more difficult to pick up with.

Learning, mastering, and deepening of photography is a continuous process which is both technical and artistic.

First one must master the technique. Reading or taking courses helps a lot.

Then, there are a good deal of artistic rules, but anyway, we can go against them, if it's on purpose... So one must know them.

Inspiration is important, it feeds when we look at others photographs. To develop your style, it is important to look at a lot of pictures, the ones from the masters, and the ones that are done on the present-day.

And there are some tips to give us more chance, like :

Bring your camera with you all the time

How many times I heard : "If only I had my camera with me... If I had it, I would have the best photo of the year!"

Bring it with you all the time. It does'nt mean that you will do photography all the time. And if your camera is too heavy, buy another one, smaller, so you can bring it with you everywhere you go. With the modern ultra-compact cameras, you don't have any reason not to have a camera with you at all time!

If you see something that worths photographing, you will come back with your better camera another time. Photography needs patience...

Go where things happen

Protest, parade, events, hurricane, fireworks, concerts, marathon... Go ! Just go !

Share photography with friends that have that same passion

Photo Clubs, associations, friends, it's all important. It's by photographing with others that we discover what we don't see ourselves., this is very enlighting.

Have a critical eye

You remember you old photos? You must think that you are much better now that a year before? Can you imagine in another year?

Look at your images with a critical eye Don't hesitate to go in the small details so you can do even better the next time.

What makes a great photo?

A photo can be good for someone and bad for someone else. The appreciation of an image is linked to its interpretation and taste of each individual. without forgetting the current "en vogue" artistic movement that influence what "should" be of good taste...

Thanks for being there!

Eric Constantineau, small photographer in this big World


Cell: (514)965-3686

Longueuil, Québec, Canada